Dana Nygard Arts

Fine Artist / Illustrator Victoria, BC, Canada

Email: dana.nygarts@gmail.com Insta: @dana.nygarts

I have had a passion for the arts since I can remember. My family had me playing around with all forms since I was a child, and visual art has been the focus of my attentions ever since. After high school I spent two years at BealArt Post Secondary School in London, Ontario, where I was dabbling in as much as I could. Most of the time you could find me holed up in the resident darkroom working on my photography, or in the painting/drawing/printmaking studios. After Beal I attended Sheridan Institute for Bachelor of Illustration Design, where I learned and loved to improve on my art and enjoy my journey. After some distracting life events, and an unfortunate robbery in 2011 wherein I suffered the loss of all of my graphic design equipment and most of my portfolio of works, I took a too long hiatus from the art world. During this time I travelled and lived in Italy, and from here developed an intense wanderlust. Upon my return to Ontario in 2015 I sold most of what material things I had left, packed up the car and moved to BC in 2015. Bouncing from Quadra Island and Campbell River, to Port Alberni, to a few cities in Fraser Valley, I have now landed in back on Vancouver Island in Metchosin, BC where I have been able to settle enough to open a small studio space and rediscover my artistic voice, my largest endeavour at the moment is my perpetual nature journaling as I rediscover the beauty that is Vancouver Island.
I hope you enjoy my works! If you would like to follow me on instagram find me here, I would be happy to discuss commission opportunities. https://www.instagram.com/dana.nygarts/


Lester B Pearson School of the Arts

Secondary School programs focused on practical art and design.


Specialist in Painting, Photography and Life/Figure Drawing.
BealArt was a huge part of my journey into the arts, as the school allowed great experimentation in all departments, and warmly welcomed specialist students to dive into differing studios to test all forms of the arts, including printmaking, sculpture, pottery and textile arts.

Sheridan College of Art and Design

Student of Illustration Design

Bachelor student of Illustration, where I gained the most experience in Graphic Design and Art Theory, as well as tuning my technical skills in painting, printmaking and drawing from life.


Student of Illustration Design hobby photographer and graphic artist.